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The Mummyhood Journals on Patreon

Hi everyone,

Thank you for following The Mummyhood Journals so far. I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and one of my goals is to publish books based on these blog posts and my “mummyhood” experiences in general. To be able to dedicate more time to writing and to achieve this goal I have joined Patreon.

For those of you who are not familiar with Patreon, it is simply a space in which artists and creators can share their work with fans. In turn, fans (patrons) can support the person by providing funding, either per month or per creation, allowing the creator’s work to become more sustainable.

As I create more posts and expand The Mummyhood Journals I will begin to offer additional content that will only be visible to patrons on Patreon, as a thank you for your pledges.

You can decide the amount that you are willing to fund even if it is $1. If you are not able to support financially, not a problem, just continue to join me on my “mummyhood” journey and be sure to share with your family and friends.

My Patreon page can be found at: .

Thank you and happy reading!

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