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How to survive back to school mornings

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Whether you have a regular 9 to 5 job, you work from home or even if you are a stay at home mother back to school signals the return of rushed mornings, hectic schedules and losing your sanity.

We may not always admit it, but secretly, we love when our kids are not in school for the simple fact that it eases up our morning chaos.

There are no lunches to pack, we don’t need to spend 30 to 45 minutes getting the kids (and husband) out of bed so that they aren’t late for school (and work), all the while trying to get ourselves ready for our own day.

But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Our little ones have to get back to expanding their minds and we have to get back to running around like headless chickens in the morning trying to get it all done.

Generally speaking, I am a pretty organized person, however, I do still struggle with morning time management and getting my son to school on time. These few tips, however, have helped me to minimise the stress of the weekday rush.

Re-establish bed times and wake up times


If you are like me,  during the vacation, your kids’ bed times and wake up times have been all over the place. If they had a long day of activities they may fall asleep as early as 6 pm and wake up even earlier at 5 am. Or they may stay up until midnight having a “boys’ night” with daddy and wake up some time around 9 am.

These new internal clock settings could lead to problems when school starts.

To avoid this, get your kids, and yourselves, reacquainted with the back to school sleeping and waking hours a couple of weeks before the start of school. This will re-sync everyone’s cycles and hopefully will eliminate the need for a crazy, screaming mummy alarm in the morning.

Do your preparation from the night before


When school does start again, preparation is key to keeping your mornings chaos free.

This includes packing lunches and school bags, selecting outfits for both you and your kids (if they don’t have a uniform) and other little things that could take up time in the morning.

For other tasks, such as ironing, which, if you’re like me, you absolutely despise. I actually avoid buying clothes that require ironing because I hate it so much. But if you do have to iron, do the entire week’s worth all on a Sunday.

Get everything out of the way so that your mornings are clear.

Wake up an hour before everyone else


Although this may mean cutting into the already little sleep that you do get, waking up an hour before the rest of the mad house is awake, allows you to have a brief moment of peace and serenity to start your day off right.

During this time you could meditate, exercise, pray or even use the full hour sipping at your much-needed coffee. Anything that helps you relax and gives you the boost that you need to survive your day.

Out of all of the tips, this one has proven to be the most useful for me. The little bit of me time that I get during that one hour before everyone wakes up, makes the world of difference and prevents me from becoming the grumpy, mean mummy.

So as we start yet another school year, here’s to mornings filled with less stress and chaos and a little more peace, order and caffeine.


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2 thoughts on “How to survive back to school mornings Leave a comment

  1. I just came across your post on Blunt Moms: How to Raise Kids Who Excel in School and Life. After reading both of these posts I can tell you will be a huge source of inspiration for me! I have one 4 year old girl who’s in Pre-K. It’s a new stage of insecurities and making educated guesses. You mentioned your older son bullying your baby son. This is a worry I’ve had lately with my daughter, Rose. She’s an extremely outgoing, gregarious, and bright girl, but she can be aggressive with her body and with younger kids. I’ve noticed similar behaviors that you mentioned witnessing in your son. I’m curious to know your thoughts or suggestions on how to shift those behaviors away from aggression or intimidation, before it gets out of hand.


    • Hi Erin,
      Thank you so much for your comment and for checking out my blog. With regard to your question, I think it is just a matter of constant communication. At this age, our children’s minds are still somewhat malleable and we have the opportunity to steer their behaviors either positively or negatively.
      I don’t think kids at this age fully realize when they are being aggressive and that their baby brother or sister can’t do all of the things that they can. I also have realized that my son is not fully aware of his true size in comparison with his brother. I think part of him still wants to be the baby and sometimes he does things that he sees his baby brother doing, thinking that it is just as cute when in actuality it is a bit awkward or in some cases dangerous because of his size.
      So, basically, to avoid bad behaviors from festering, every time my husband and I see him being aggressive we talk to him about it.
      We remind him that he cannot be that rough with his brother because his brother is smaller than he is and could get hurt. We teach him that as the older brother, he has to look out for his little brother and protect him. And honestly, he loves having that responsibility. He sees that as his big brother duty and now he always wants to take care of his little brother. He even asked when he could babysit on his own lol.
      So I think it is just a matter of repetition. Every time you see your daughter doing something you don’t like, remind her about why she shouldn’t do what she did and teach her the correct behaviors. Eventually, it should stick.


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