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Double Trouble

The count down is on! I am at 38 weeks and baby boy number two will be with us any day now.

Soon I will be the mother of two boys; two energetic, adventure loving little boys who for some reason also love to give mummy multiple heart attacks. To be honest at first I wanted my second child to be a girl and so did many other people, but as the time gets closer I am very excited about having two princes in my life.

As wonderful as little girls are there is something refreshing and uplifting about the love and adoration that I get from my son. The mother-son bond, much like the father-daughter bond, cannot be denied and multiply this by two, there would be nothing else I could ever need in my lifetime.

Yes at my son’s highest moments he is like a little tornado running through the house and again, multiply this by two, I may not have a house for very long, but I love the energy, I love his imagination, I love how talkative he is and how much he loves to share every detail of every moment of his day and every fact about dinosaurs and sharks. I love his mischievous grin when he tells me that his toy T-Rex knocked something over and I love the millions of hugs and squeezes that I get throughout the day. Multiply this by two, nothing but sheer happiness.




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